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  Does the Hudood Ordinance completely conform to the injunctions of the Quran and Sunnah?
  Geo Television is aiming to provide a platform for debate on issues that concern our society and that have divided our people and their views over many years. Geo is not taking a side to an issue and maintains its balanced and independent editorial policy while also taking on its role of social responsibility
  The Hudood Ordinance was enforced in 1979 during the rule of Gen. Zia ul Haq. Since its inception there has been a great debate on the Hudood laws ? a debate that has involved people belonging to all walks of life ? religious scholars, lawyers and human rights activists. The debate continues, without any resolution, till this day.

GEO aims to bridge the gaps that have been created within the Pakistani society and bring people together to the same platform to discuss matters with knowledge, tolerance and integrity.GEO will focus its programming and discussion on the most controversial law within the Hudood, which is the Zina Ordinance. There is one group of people who believe that the injunctions within the Ordinance are in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. There is another group that believes that the Hudood Ordinance is man made which has lead to a misrepresentation of Islam
  We bring both sides of the debate on to our platform so that audiences can be exposed to all sides of the argument. GEO?s objective, as always, is to empower people to think and talk about issues that we may otherwise choose to ignore. To do justice to our role and our audiences, we have provided space for religious scholars from all maqtab-e-fiqr to share their knowledge and their views on the subject
  Stay with GEO to hear more on the issue through special editions of its popular programmes like Pachas Minute, Alif, Jawabdeh and Capital Talk plus special programming aimed at asking the questions that will make all of us THINK
  Hudood Ordinance is presented as a holy law which cannot be touched. Do you agree with this premise?
  Click here to view what religious scholars have to say to this question. [For religious scholars comments in Urdu, click here.]

What is Zara Sochieye?
Zara Sochieye (THINK) is a formal drive initiated by GEO Television Network that attempts to highlight issues that promote and/or represent imbalance and injustice in our society and have divided us for years. As the name suggests Zara Sochieye will include all such issues that have become so integrated into our society that we have stopped thinking about them. GEO, therefore, aims to explore new dimensions of an existing problem and create a platform for creative thinking and discourse between diverse people and ideas

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